Tuesday, December 1

New Technique?

We recently discovered Coredinations paper while designing our latest kit. The paper has a "core color" with another color on top. You can do all sorts of things to the paper to bring out the core color... tear it, sand it, etc. We gave it a try by placing chipboard letters under the paper and sanding over the top.

You can try it out for yourself by purchasing our newest kit, which has just been released!

As Always,

Happy Scrapping!

Crystal & Kelli

Wednesday, November 25

And the winner is...

Krista! You will receive our Whoo Loves Fall kit. Thank you to everyone that participated. If you signed up for our monthly email you will be the first to see next month's kit!

Thursday, November 19

You could win this...

All you have to do is sign up for our monthly email. That's right, we will select one lucky person to receive our Whoo Loves Fall kit. By signing up you will be the first to see our latest monthly scrapbooking kit. If you are already signed up for our blast emails you are automatically entered in the giveaway. Good luck, we will pick a winner on Tuesday!

Saturday, November 14

Mini Book in Minutes

We LOVE mini books! In addition to being cute and little, it is nice to sit down for a short amount of time and complete a project. We thought we would share this mini book design with you that literally takes minutes to assemble. They are so easy you will be whipping up all sorts of them for yourself, friends, and family!

You start by taking a 12x12 piece of cardstock and cutting it into 3 - 4 by 12 inch strips.

Then cut one of the strips down to 4 by 8 inches. You will then fold the strips every 4 inches in the opposite direction as shown above.

Next you will use the 4 by 8 inch strip to attach the 2 - 4 by 12 inch strips.

Put adhesive on the small strip and line up the 2 large stips with the fold in the center.

You will then have one large strip that folds up into a 4 by 4 inch square.

If you would like to add a covers to your mini book you can cut 4 by 4 inch squares out of a tagboard. (for example: you could use the cover of a paper ream or even a cereal box!)

You will then have a mini book all ready to embellish.

For our mini book we used our Round and Round kit.

You can cut out 4 by 4 inch squares to adhere your favorite pattern paper on to each page.

We created a couple of slots to hold tags for journaling.

This mini book is perfect for a brag book for your purse or on your desk at work.

The holidays are right around the corner and this mini book could make a wonderful gift as well!

We had fun making a few of these mini books and hope you do too!

~Kelli & Crystal

Wednesday, November 11

2 Crafty Chicks & Our Blog

Welcome to our blog! We are two crafty chicks who enjoy scrapbooking and recently began our own monthly scrapbooking kit club, Thingamabobs & Doodads.

In addition to supplying you with unique materials each month, we hope you will check our blog frequently for new ideas and creative inspiration to document the treasured memories in your life.

We thought we would start by telling you a little about ourselves and how Thingamabobs & Doodads came to be. Rather than boring you with the usual introductory details we thought we would jump right to the important stuff...our craftiness!

Meet Kelli:

Style: Eclectic. I like traditional items, but I also like to mix it up with random bits. I try to keep my projects fresh and not box myself into one particular style. I tend to gravitate towards earth tones or bright colors.

Favorite Music to Scrapbook to: Pretty much anything - I just let the shuffle on my iPod decide

Favorite Snack: NOTHING - I’m way to klutzy to involve drink or food around my work. Ok, maybe a glass of wine here and there, but it has to be nearly in a different room!

Favorite Technique: Right now I’m addicted to embossing

Go To Tool: punches and decorative scissors! I love paper punches, not only for my scrapbooking, but for other crafts as well.

Favorite material: PAPER! You can do anything with paper! We are given so many wonderful textures, patterns and designs. You can create an awesome scrapbook, card, or even decorate an entire party with paper! (examples in our gallery)

Wish List Tool: Unfortunately for my pocket book, I tend to run out and get whatever cool new tool I see. Things don’t stay on my “wish list” for too long.

Technique to Try: Crystal is trying to get me into glimmer mist…I’m on the fence!

Meet Crystal:

Style: I'm an earth-tone girl. I sometimes try to jump out of my comfort zone, but always feel myself pulled back into those warm earthy colors. Whether it's my clothes, home decor, or scrapbook - I just can't help it. I'm also quite fond of vintage accessories.

Favorite Music to Scrapbook to: I enjoy listening to fun and silly music. I usually turn on some old music from high school. I love to stir up those old memories!

Favorite Snack: Depending on the time of day, I enjoy drinking coffee or wine while scrapbooking. Chocolate is a must!

Favorite Technique: My pages rarely have crisp edges because my favorite techniques involve distressing with ink or sandpaper.

Go To Tool: I'm sure most scrapbookers couldn't survive without their papercutter, but I take it to another level. I use the same cutter for everything and go through blades constantly. It doesn't matter if it's paper, cardboard, or ribbon. I can do it all with my papercutter!

Favorite material: I'm currently stuck on buttons. There are so many different colors, sizes, and shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Wish List Tool: I would really like a Cuddle-Bug, but I'm afraid I'd use it as much as my Cricut. (which is not often enough.)

Technique to Try: I would really like to incorporate fabric into more of my pages.

Now that you know a little about us, leave a post answering one of our questions so we can get to know you! To hear the story of how Thingamabobs & Doodads was born click here.

Be sure to stop back soon... We plan to post a new project idea later this week and will be having a special giveaway next week!

~Kelli & Crystal