Saturday, November 14

Mini Book in Minutes

We LOVE mini books! In addition to being cute and little, it is nice to sit down for a short amount of time and complete a project. We thought we would share this mini book design with you that literally takes minutes to assemble. They are so easy you will be whipping up all sorts of them for yourself, friends, and family!

You start by taking a 12x12 piece of cardstock and cutting it into 3 - 4 by 12 inch strips.

Then cut one of the strips down to 4 by 8 inches. You will then fold the strips every 4 inches in the opposite direction as shown above.

Next you will use the 4 by 8 inch strip to attach the 2 - 4 by 12 inch strips.

Put adhesive on the small strip and line up the 2 large stips with the fold in the center.

You will then have one large strip that folds up into a 4 by 4 inch square.

If you would like to add a covers to your mini book you can cut 4 by 4 inch squares out of a tagboard. (for example: you could use the cover of a paper ream or even a cereal box!)

You will then have a mini book all ready to embellish.

For our mini book we used our Round and Round kit.

You can cut out 4 by 4 inch squares to adhere your favorite pattern paper on to each page.

We created a couple of slots to hold tags for journaling.

This mini book is perfect for a brag book for your purse or on your desk at work.

The holidays are right around the corner and this mini book could make a wonderful gift as well!

We had fun making a few of these mini books and hope you do too!

~Kelli & Crystal

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