Tuesday, March 9

Chit Chat!

Hi Fellow Crafters!

Today we have a simple special message. 

We LOVE the comments you leave on our posts.  Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

We also would like to welcome all the new comers!

The traffic on our blog has increased very rapidly, and we are so THRILLED! It has brought us to many talented and gifted crafters in our community.  Some of which we would have not met if not for the comments left...so....again, we welcome comments! It's an added way for us to find YOU! After all, beyond being in the scrapbook kit business, we are just two crafty gals and we love to meet other crafty folks!

Our heart felt thanks,

Kelli and Crystal


  1. Hi Kelli and Crystal! I just saw the post about you and your company on The Girl Creative and considering that I spent most of my afternoon playing with scrapbook paper and mod podge, your kits are just speaking to me right now! The funny thing is, I don't really do artistic scrapbooky stuff, but I LOVE to play with the papers and mix and match the doodads with them! Chalk it up to my sewing side, scrapbook paper is A LOT like fabric, you know? In fact a lot of fabric designers are designing for scrapbook companies and visa versa. OK, sorry I'm rambling. I'm going to keep you all in mind for the future. Maybe a birthday present, or maybe I can convince hubby he should let me subscribe for an anniversary present!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Anna! I totally agree with you - fabric is A LOT like scrapbook paper! I just starting learning how to quilt last year and as soon as I started picking out fabric I told Kelli I better be careful before my stash of fabric looks like my stash of paper! There are so many fun patterns - I WANT THEM ALL! Currently I'm working on a baby quilt for Kelli's first baby due in May. I'm sure I will be shopping your store after I finish this quilt to get supplies for my next project. Nice to 'meet' you, I'm sure we will be talking again real soon!