Wednesday, March 24

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Challenge Part 1

We're doing are part at Thingamabobs and Doodads to make the earth a little more GREEN!

We welcome you to part 1 of our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Challenge

Ah the craft should inspire us to be more...crafty!

For our first project for the Reduce - Reuse - Recycle Challenge, we turned a small used coffee cup into a cute Spring marker holder for our desk.  If you are anything like us your craft room can quickly turn into a chaotic mess while working on a project! Anything to help stay organized is a good thing - especially when it's pretty and recycled! 

Small disposable coffee cup
Strong adhessive - we used Terrifically Tacky Tape
Patterned Paper, Ribbon, and coordinating embellies.
Ink (optional)


Step 1:  wrap a piece of patterned paper around the cup and adhered it using some Terrifically Tacky Tape.  (You want to use a strong adhesive so that the paper doesn't come undone later.) 

Step 2:  Cut off the excess paper on the top and bottom of the cup, leaving the lip of the cup exposed. 

Step 3: Embellish! We embellished our market holder by wrapping green paper and brown ribbon around the cup and put a fun flower embellie on front.  We also rubbed a little brown ink on the top to give it a distressed look. 

Try this out with recycled tin cans too!

Our second project is a scrapbook page layout inspired by a bottle cap!  Check out the's a recycled bottle cap!  

2 x 12 inches of paper
Stong adhesive - we used Terrifically Tacky Tape and a hot glue
coordinating embellishments

Step 1: cut 2 - 1 x 12 inch strips of paper.

Step 2: fold the paper accordian style approximately every 1/4 inch.

Step 3: Adhere both strips together end to end creating a circle (we used Terrifically Tacky Tape  - we love that stuff!)
Step 4:  Hot glue the ends together to create a stonger bond

Step 5: Layer a punched circle or scallop with the bottle cap and adhere to the paper circle using hot glue 

Two more projects coming tomorrow!
 You'll want to check out how we used toilet paper rolls!  

 Don't forget, Friday we will annouce the winner of the It's in the Bag Giveaway and have a party of our own so we can see all of your beautiful recycled creations!

Happy Creatin!
Kelli and Crystal

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