Thursday, April 15

APRIL 15th -- it's a whole new day!!

April 15th - for some it's the dreadful day your taxes are due. At Thingamabobs & Doodads, we are giving April 15th a whole new meaning... it's the beginning of our week long SALE!
APRIL 15th - 22nd get 15% OFF all of the kits in our store! Plus, if you buy 2 kits the 2nd one ships for FREE!
It's a win-win situation... If you had to pay into Uncle Sam, one of our kits is sure to cheer you up! Or if you were lucky enough to get a refund, why not celebrate and get everything you need to complete a fun project!
APRIL 15th -- it's a whole new day!
Let's keep celebrating!  What better way to keep the fun going than a new blog party?!!  We are participating in Serenity Now's Dishing It!  It's a special party for bloggers to share a little about themselves! 
So here is what you need to know about us...
How long have you been blogging and why did you start your blog?

We started our blog in the Fall of 2009 around the time that Kelli and I had started our own scrapbooking kit club. We wanted a place to show off all of our crafty creations and communicate with our followers. We had no idea how much fun it would be and that we would meet so many amazing ladies who share in the same hobbies!

Tell me about your blog's title. Why did you choose it?

While at a scrapbooking retreat we started toying with the idea of a kit company name and blog. While cropping in the wee hours of the night (1:30AM) we started getting punchy and came up with the idea of Thingamabobs & Doodads – all though the name varied slightly. From this came the idea of different terms for materials; Ribbon became “threads from my sweater”, chipboard became “cardboard you paint”, pictures became “the people and things I kinda like” and so on. The laughter became hysterical tears streaming down our faces as we had more and more fun with the idea. After the retreat, the idea stuck and so Thingamabobs & Doodads was born!

What do you blog about?

We try to blog multiple times a week about all of the crafty creations we are working on.  Whenever we make something we usually show our readers and provide some instructions on how we made it.  We share project ideas, new techniques, and resources for those who are crafty like us!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Well, that's an easy one! Our favorite part about blogging is meeting new people like you! We LOVE blog parties!  Whenever we have some free time we blog-hop to see what everyone else is working on to get new ideas and inspiration.
Thanks Serenity Now for hosting such a fun party!
Keep the fun going and jump on over to Serenity Now and meet some new peeps!
- Crystal & Kelli


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  2. Visiting from the party! I love your title! Too cute!!

  3. Nice to "meet you" - visiting from the party.