Wednesday, September 15

Virtual Window Shopping

It's a great big creative world out there! The Creative Chic Parade has opened up all new adventures in crafting for us. While strolling along on a virtual window shopping trip, we stumbled upon the Blog Guidebook. WOW! A handy dandy guide to help us find a whole new realm of inspiration and fun. Stroll on over there, no, RUN on over there to check out all the neat blogs!

Leave us a comment and let us know what fun new blog you discovered today while visiting the Blog Guidebook. There's a little BLOG CANDY in it for you!

Today's giveaway is an Umbra Peekette Photo Album
It's the perfect way to create a hybrid scrapbook. Show off a little Summer fun, document those first days of school, or any other treasured memory you just haven't found time to scrapbook yet. These hybrid scrapbooks are done in a snap!

Makes a great gift too!

Here's what we did with ours:

We placed 4x6 cardstock in some of the places intended for photos and will scrapbook and journal

We placed larger cardstock in the back two pages to create a larger space to journal and placed an envelope to hold keepsakes
so leave us a comment to enter this giveaway and....

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