Friday, September 17

Who knew?

Okay, so we are getting to the end of the parade.  Today is the last day of the Creative Chics Parade - and the theme is BEFORE and AFTER. 

One of the most talked about BEFORE and AFTER projects that we have done here at T&D is our Toliet Paper Minibook.  It's been featured on a few creative blogs because no one can believe how an old TP roll could make such a cute minibook!

So here it is - The TP Minibook...



For instructions on making your own TP minibook click here

Before you know it you will be recycling all your TP rolls to make minibooks!

Speaking of recycling... a friend of ours recently told us about this cool little shop. If you live in the Twin Cities area you may want to check it out. No more feeling guilty about the money you spend on your creative hobby when it's all recycled goods!

PS. You can still enter to win BLOG CANDY!  Post a comment on the posts from this past week and our winners will be picked on Sunday. 

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